Two-Way or Conference Call Facility


How to use the Two-Way or Conference Call Facility with SimplyDictate telephone system

The SimplyDictate two-way calling or conference facility offers you the ability to record a conversation you wish to have with someone else. Both sides of the conversation are recorded.


To access the two-way conversation facility you must dial ### #### ####


Important Note

You must inform the person at the outset that you are recording the conversation if you intend to rely on the recording as evidence in the future. However, even if you do not tell the person that you are making a recording, it is still legal as long as you are one of the parties to the conversation.

Here are two practical examples of how this service can be used:

  1. You can register the telephone number of a member of your family with the SimplyDictate service and when they wish to make a call to anyone, and it needs to be recorded, they can access the service without any fuss. This means that immediately after such a conversation, you and they will have a record of the conversation.

  2. In a business situation you may wish to discuss something important with someone and would like to have a record of the conversation to share with colleagues. Once again by using the two-way conversation facility this is easy to do.

In order to use the two-way recording service you must be a registered user and also have credit in your account to cover the cost of any calls you make.