Service Options


Options for Telephone services on

1. Basic Service

The basic service allows you to record and access recordings without any additional charges from SimplyDictate.  Calls are charged at local rate*
(but will of course vary vary according to your service provider)

2. File Sharing

You can send a copy of any recording to anyone using the management system built into your account. You can also choose to have recordings automatically sent to someone as soon as you make a recording.

3. Document Draft

This provides you with a computer generated draft of your recording which will be sent to your account as a Word document.  The quality is dependent on you training the system to recognize your voice.

A charge based on the duration of the recording will be made for the production of a draft document.  Please click here for Prices.

4. Professional Transcription

You may choose to have your documents professionally transcribed.  This allows you to have your recordings sent to a transcription centre where trained PA’s will type your document in the manner you require and send it to your account as a Word Document.  This is a paid-for service, and requires your SimplyDictate account to be in credit.

5. One to One Telephone Recordings

This service allows you to record any conversation you have with a third party.  Both sides of the conversation will be recorded so you have a permanent record.

This is a pay as you go service and  your SimplyDicate account must have  minimum credit available to cover the cost.  Additional credits can be added at any time by clicking the Add Credit button.