Setting up My Account


How to Set up My Account with SimplyDictate telephone system

Once you have registered you will see one of the options at the top of the page is My Account.


If you go into My Account you will see that there are six sub-sections:


  1. Personal Info
  2. View Balance
  3. Schedulers
  4. Change Password
  5. Add Credits
  6. Hands Free


Personal Info

You can make any changes you wish to the personal information we hold on you to ensure that the details are accurate.


View Balance

The View Balance gives you detailed information on payment you have made to date and you can credit your account from within this section if you wish.



The Schedulers provides you with the ability to instruct us on how often you wish to receive notifications on recorded files and also any additional email address you wish to be notified.


Change Password

This provides you with the ability to create a new password if necessary.


Add Credits

In order to use the dictation services and two-way conversation facility you must have credits on your account of at least £10.00.  This section if where you can buy credits.



This is where you can add five telephone numbers or mobile numbers which, when registered, will be automatically recognised by SimplyDictate if a call originates from any one of them.  Format for registering a number is the full number including the leading zero.